Interview Scheduling, Simplified.

Go from a scheduling request to the best schedule in seconds.

Schedule Faster

Find the best schedule without playing Calendar Tetris. Simplify the most manual parts of your workflow.

Calendar Integrations

Connect your calendar and ATS to simplify your process and minimize time toggling between tabs.

Flexible Scheduling

Meet the needs of your candidates and team. Handle preferences and complex requirements with ease.

"My coordinators spend less time scheduling and more time tackling core projects and building new skills thanks to Interview Schedule. It keeps them engaged and makes our team more efficient."

Emily Zahuta - Head of Recruiting, Segment

"Interview Schedule is built exactly for my needs. It has saved me so many hours a week, and now I can focus more time on giving our candidate the best experience!"

Cari Wellstone - Recruiting Coordinator, LendUp

Fast, simple, and accurate interview panels.

Interview Schedule takes you from a scheduling request to the best schedule in a few simple steps. We understand the many factors that go into finding the best panel, and we help Coordinators to streamline their process at every turn.

Put time back on your calendar.

Less time scheduling means more time to improve the candidate experience, source top talent, and build team process to land the best candidates in the world. Interview Schedule saves teams hours every week.

Flexible features to support your team’s needs.

  • Integrate your calendar and ATS
  • Specify panel interviewers, durations, start times, and more
  • Save and reuse panels
  • Handle conflicting meetings with ease
  • Search multiple candidate availability windows at once

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